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What is Maryposa?

Maryposa is a project to create a Butterfly Garden dedicated to enjoy, observe, study and document everythng possible about native butterflies in all stages of their life cylce.

My objective is to help in the conservation of the butterflies of Mexico, to preserve their wonderful diversity by creating an open habitat where they are free to come and go. The main threat for these beautiful insects is the loss of habitat.

I make no claim of being a professional lepidopterist and I would appreciate correction of erros. Most of what is written here about my resident butterflies is from my personal experiences and observations.





I call residents all those butterflies that go through their life cycle on permanent basis in my butterfly garden. And I refer to visitors those butterflies that visit the garden only for nectar.


In the residents section you can find all the information, videos and photographs documenting the life cycle of each species.


The most important factor to accomplish this project is to provide the butterflies with the right larval food plant as well as their favorite ones for nectar.

Visit the Plant Section to see the photographs of the hostplants as well as the nectar plants that have worked for me.





Some species have very interesting aspects in their life cycle and I have had the opportunity to studyand document them with photographs.

In the Project Section I am sharing some of these experiences with you as well as the failures I have had with some butterflies.



The fact is that butterflies are the meal to other species and some catterpilars host the egg and larva of other insects.

These predators, that can be tiny wasps, ants, spiders, lizards, birds, are part of the life of the butterflies.


In the Predator Section you can see  videos or photographs of some of the butterflies enemies.





This project has been a nice experience for me and a way to meet great people who share the same interests.

Please contact me if you have questions or find any errors.

Maria Franco





Mexican butterflies




Even though Mexico City is a complex overpopulated city, it still supports a lot of wildlife including many species of butterflies. When I started creating my butterfly garden I never imagined it was going to turn into a beautiful space full of wildlife.

Maria Franco